‘OHANI, an ode to love for Women

A treat from the Tahitian language, an ode to love for Women…’OHANI is a swimwear shop, ready to wear and more charming accessories located at Plazza Haute Centre Vaima in Papeete, Tahiti : expression of a chemistry of creations in order to sublime woman, strong-willed, mysterious, dynamic, beautiful, sensuous and free woman...Let’s imagine her in all her glory revealed and let yourself be taken by the magic of the senses and Art.


A dream came true

This idea of creating brand ‘OHANI comes from Michel Bourez, an outstanding surfer who is being a part of Elite in the middle of World Surf League, willing to achieve his wife’s dream, Vaimiti Laurens ; who is a refined and elegant “vahine” (woman in Tahitian) who always has a natural sense for finest creations of whom the fashion of “Bikini”. During their journey, while Michel had been perfecting his skills over the most spectacular waves and beaches around the earth, this particular attractiveness for the swimwear had been grown. A strengthened passion thanks to their friends, designers and owners of bikini’s brand. The fashionable stars such as Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian love wearing those famous brand such as ACACIA, MIKOH and FRANKIES BIKINIS. Michel made her dream came true: ‘OHANI’s shop is inaugurated on August 2015. Quickly, ‘OHANI becomes one of the most trend of the capital.

Swimwears of Fashion Design

ACACIA, MIKOH or FRANKIES BIKINIS are essentially brands of haute couture provided by ‘OHANI and carefully chosen in the various collections in order to combine consistently and harmoniously. These are the details of final improvements, the value of fabrics mixing the kinds (macramé, spring embroidery, eco-trendy, …), the perfection of models which give refinement, elegance and style to the swimwears and retains the attention of the masterpiece of the place : a real knowledge for fashion, a guarantee of quality and good taste.

OHANI's favorite trademarks include :

Accessories, a key for Fashion

Accessories are a fundamental pillar. Necessary supplement, accessory is that a little edge that makes clothes instantly fancier, the shape gets sublimed by this key of fashion. Ours preferences? MAISON VALENCOURT for the jewelries, SAVE MY BAG for handbags, city bags and cases of beach, WAANIH for nice kimonos …


'OHANI and “Sexy Chic”

Sexy, refined, elegant, tropical, modern, stylish, trendy, fancy, romantic...it's the OHANI's pattern & design. It aims at liberate the woman by considering elegancy. You will find out sparkling colours like a rainbow in the sky, pures lines or sophisticated which come in the tone and specific fabric in order to highlight the woman's curves.

A woman, a style, a swimwear

At 'OHANI, each person can create their style by their own vision of Fashion and find out the perfect clothes which will match them : take their time and make good choices to get a new wardrobe which will give dress of everyday life but also for special occasions. 
Every clothes is limitated allowing to have something unique. A welcoming reception followed by wise advice and personalized will be given to you by 'OHANI. A large choice to aim at every ages, styles and all kind of fashion...


A purified design shop

The shop’s environment is fancy, modern and purified. The white paint which is dominant gives varying shapes, colors and printed of the shop’s collections. It’s definitely focused on the women’s beauty thus your senses and inspiration will be blossoming by the peaceful atmosphere. By coming into ‘OHANI’s shop you will live a unique and authentic experience.

In the heart of new trends

In the way of fashion, ‘OHANI get settled professionally. Its asserts itself that is an evolving shop, in search of new trends and strongly anchored in the sign of the times. “Fashion is an Art, it allows you to express your creativity and even your insanity : changing styles, be original today, then the other day be classic, more cooler or just feel comfortable…’’